"Embrace the devotion of Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami and experience divine bliss. May your celebration be a journey towards spiritual fulfilment and enlightenment."

"May Lord Krishna's journey inspire each action of your life, and may you apply his teachings to navigate your own path with courage and grace. Happy Janmashtami."

"India celebrates the festival of Janmashtami with enthusiasm, from little Kanhaiya's jhula to dahi handi's joy, Janmashtami is full of fun and happiness.

"May Krishna's eternal love and grace enrich your life not just today but on every day of your life's journey. Happy Janmashtami."

"May the blessings of Lord Krishna always be with you and your family. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami!"

"May Lord Krishna come to your house and take away your Makhan & Mishri along with all your worries & sorrows."

"May Lord Krishna always be with you and your family! Blessings of health, wealth, love, and happiness.  Happy Janmashtami!"

"May Lord Krishna give you strength and inspire you to face all problems in life with great courage. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!"

"May this auspicious occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami bring a lot of positivity, peace and harmony in your life. Happy Janmashtami to you."

"This Shri Krishna Janmashtami, eliminate the Kansa within you, to restore Dharma. May only goodness prevail. Here's wishing a very Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami to you and your family."