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65 Best Favorite Person Quotes To Make Them Feel Special

Everyone has a unique and beloved person who makes the world better. This might be a family member, friends, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. These sweet sayings are for your favorite individual whose company you value highly.

Having a favorite person in your life can be highly beneficial and help to improve your overall well-being. Having someone you can turn to for support and understanding can help increase feelings of connection and belonging and reduce loneliness.

Additionally, having someone who knows you well and values your opinion can strengthen and validate your thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, having a favorite person can be an invaluable source of comfort, love, and acceptance.

65 Special Quotes for Favorite Person

You now have a comprehensive list of an amazing favorite person quotes to use when expressing your admiration and love for that someone special. We are inspired to consider the persons we most admire by these favourite person quotations. Being in the presence of our beloved person might make us feel deeply. Do you have a caption chosen for your favourite person?

Searching for sayings for a special someone? To let your special someone know how much they mean to you, we’ve compiled the cutest collection of my favorite person quotes, sayings, statuses, and phrases (with photographs and pictures).

Top 10 Favorite Person Quotes

1. “Don’t forget to tell your favorite person that you love them.” — Shirley Temple

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2. “I want everyone to meet you. You are my favorite person of all time.” — Rainbow Rowell

3. “One person’s enemy is another person’s best friend. My favorite food might give you a rash.” — Deepak Chopra

4. “It’s the person that calls you up because they’re eating at ‘our favorite spot,’ and it made them think of you and miss being there with you. That’s a friend, to me.” — Crystal Woods

5. “Dogs are my favorite people.” — Richard Dean Anderson

6. “Who are you if you lose your favorite person? Can you lose your favorite person without losing yourself? I reach for Stargirl, and she’s gone. I’m not me anymore.” — Jerry Spinelli

7. “The best gift you can give to your favorite person is to lead him or her to God.” — Osunsakin Gdewale

8. “Children are my favorite people because they inspire me with their optimism and spirit.” — Dia Mirza

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9. “Ryan Hansen is my favorite person on the planet. He is my discovery. I’m so proud of him.” — Rob Thomas

10. “You will always be my favorite person in the world.” — Sarah Rees Brennan

15 Cute Favorite Person Quotes

11. “I play video games a lot… I love to read… I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my favorite people in the world.” — Lea Salonga

12. “A favorite person can be your ideal.”

13. “I don’t really have a favorite person to play with. I like to play with the player that is playing the best, but it doesn’t always work out that way.” — Paula Creamer

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14. “It’s therapeutic to talk to your favorite person. You radiate peace from within.”

15. “He presses his lips against my forehead. ‘You’re still my favorite person, Lily. Always will be.” — Colleen Hoover

16. “I don’t know what’s in store for me, but I know that I want to create work, and I want to create an environment where I can bring in my favorite people and collaborate with them, and do something that is so much weirder and so different from what you’d see in a commercial film.” — Lucas Hedges

17. “Christmas was definitely the best thing ever, even better than a pizza. But instead of all of her favorite toppings, Amitola was surrounded by all her favorite people.”

18. “All those people who somehow made me happy and made me feel special are my favorite person of mine. Thank you so so so much for being in my life… Your presence made my life superbly wonderful…” — Shreya Shukla

19. “A person being patient with an insane person is my favourite thing in the world.” — Bill Hader

20. “My sisters are my favourite people on earth.” — Ryan Phillippe

21. “Having a favourite person is a blessing.”

22. “I am literally obsessed with Lena Dunham. She’s, like, my favourite person in the world. I follow her on Twitter; I read her every day.” — Emma Watson

23. “Whenever you are in a relationship, there is a favourite song that reminds you of your first meeting or first kiss, and then every time you hear that song, it reminds you of that person.”

24. “I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating our favourite desserts, and travelling a lot.” — Olivia Palermo

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25. “All of my favourite people – people I trust–none of them was cool in their younger years.” — Taylor Swift

10 Quotes for Favorite Person

26. “At first [my favorite books] seem to immerse me in another life, but in the end, they immerse me in themselves; I look through the window into someone else’s house, but in the reflection, I see my own face.”

27. “My wife is my favorite person I’ve ever met in my 40 on the planet, and I’m sure she would agree that patience is not her strongest characteristic.” — Mike Greenberg

28. “I honestly can’t pick a favourite person I like to work with – that would be like choosing a favourite child!” — Behati Prinsloo

29. “My favorite actor is – I can’t believe I’m saying this – Meagan Good. I’ve met her in person.” — Quvenzhane Wallis

30. “You are my most favorite person in the history of ever.” — Kensie Kate

31. “Donald Evans is a favorite person of mine. His worth ethic, His attitude, and his dedication really set him apart.” — Joe Greene

32. “My favorite people are the ones that can make an unfunny joke hilarious by just laughing.” — Ziad K. Abdelnour

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33. “You don’t need to sell me on anything, Wade, she said. You are my best friend. My favorite person.” — Ernest Cline

34. “Her favorite person in her favorite color on their first meet. It was checkmate.” — Bijaya Ta

35. “Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow.”

10 Sweet Quotes For Favorite Person

36. “You’re my favourite daydream.”

37. “You’re not just another person; you’re the love of my life.”

38. “You are my favourite. My favourite pair of eyes to look into. My favourite name to see appear on my phone. My favourite way to spend an afternoon. You’re my favourite everything.”

39. “You are and always will be my favourite person on the planet.”

40. “You are my favourite person in the whole world. And that includes the imaginary ones.”

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41. “To my favorite person, if you see this, I love you.”

42. “I secretly get jealous when someone talks to my favorite person.”

43. “You’re my favorite person to be socially awkward with.”

44. “I found the person I never want to stop making memories with.”

45. “Feeling loved by you, my favorite feeling.”

10 Best Quotes About Favorite Person

46. “You’re my favorite person in the world and your birthday is my favorite day of the year.”

47. “You’re my go-to person for a glass of wine and a chat about life.”

48. “Dear favorite person, I know sometimes I hurt you and sometimes overreact. But I love you more than anything, and I can’t see tears in your eyes. So be happy and know that I’m always there for you no matter what. You’re the only reason behind my smile.” — Farhat Surma

49. “You are my all-time favourite person in the entire universe.”

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50. “You’re my favorite person, and I’m so crazy in love with you.”

51. “Her favorite was black, and mine her darkness.”

52. “Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite.”

53. “My favorite person is my best friend.”

54. “You’re my favorite person. My favorite person to look at, to listen to, to talk to, to be with, you’re my favorite person to miss, to love, to be everything.”

55. “Happiness is… chilling with your favorite person.”

10 Soothing Favorite Person Quotes

56. “You are my favorite person to eat pizza with.”

57. “You are my favorite person to talk to. And you are my favorite topic to talk about. Moral: I just want to talk with you or talk about you.”

58. “Talking to your favorite person after a long day is the best feeling ever.”

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59. “You are my favourite person, and spending time with you brightens my day.”

60. “Can’t wait to get married and to come home after a long day and curl up next to my favorite person in the whole world and fall asleep.”

61. “Having a favorite person means you are getting serenity in your life.”

62. “There is nothing more beautiful than being the favorite person of your favorite person.”

63. “I would rather be early than late in greeting my favorite person. Happy birthday in advance.”

64. “You’re my favorite person in the office because you make me feel comparatively productive.”

65. “I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing halfway through how much you enjoy them and their existence.”

How to make your Favorite Person Extraordinary

Making your favorite person extraordinary involves showing them extra care and attention. This could include sending them thoughtful gifts, doing thoughtful acts of kindness, sending them heartfelt notes and messages, or spending quality time together.

Additionally, you can go the extra mile by learning more about the things they love, listening to them without judgment, and actively engaging with them in conversation. Lastly, being truly present in the moment when spending time together will show your favorite person how important they are to you.

Here are some steps you can take to make your favorite person extraordinary:

1. Send them thoughtful gifts and do kind acts for them.

2. Send them heartfelt messages and notes.

3. Spend quality time together.

4. Learn about the things they love.

5. Listen to them without judgment.

6. Engage with them in conversation.

7. Be present when spending time together.


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