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91 Friends With Benefits Quotes, FWB Quotes

Are you looking for friends with benefits quotes? Here are the best collection of 90+ FWB Quotes that you will surely find relatable.

Friends with Benefits (FWB) is a common thing going among youths. The reason behind this is that it saves time from complicated relationships and they are getting what they get in a relationship.

It is also common that people who feel lonely or are in a long-distance relationship, get involved in this type of relationship. You can read feeling lonely quotes and long-distance relationship quotes for the same.

Everyone has different thoughts about FWB-type relationships. So, I am taking you to 90+ Friends with Benefits Quotes and I am sure you will surely get your one quote.

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Friends with Benefits Quotes, FWB Quotes

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

1. Let’s play friends with benefits and see who catches the feelings.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

2. No feelings, just friends with benefits.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

3. When you said “Friends with benefits” I assumed you owned a bookstore.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

4. Friends with benefits are way cooler than a relationship.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

5. I wanna be your friend with benefit.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

6. Don’t fall in love with your FWB. Fall off a bridge. It hurts less.

Friends With Benefits Quotes | QuotesChecker

7. To be honest I want an FWB and see how it turns out.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

8. Friends with benefits are not good. You are bound to fall for each other.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

9. You can have your FWB. I have my friends with batteries and they are a hell of a lot of fun.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

10. The ones who say they are good with FWB are lying to themselves.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

11. Once upon a time, we were friends with benefits and now we are friends at the benefit.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

12. Friends with benefits are one of the most complicated relationships.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

13. We’re not dating, we’re just friends who hang out and cuddle together.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

14. I think they should create a holiday for FWB relationships so that they can enjoy their company.

fwb Quotes | QuotesChecker

15. These days commitment is out and friends with benefits are in.

Best Friends with Benefits Quotes

16. Friends with benefits are neither.

17. Let’s be friends with benefits, cuddles, and kissed all day.

18. Friends with benefits, my ass. He’s mine.

19. No feelings and no strings.

20. Friends with benefits are better than a relationship.

21. A relationship full of boredom is worse.

22. Let’s be friends with benefits.

23. You’ll not feel lonely on Valentine’s day if you have an FWB arrangement.

24. With FWB like you, who need friends without benefits.

25. Will you be my FWB?

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Funny friends with benefits quotes

26. Don’t be FWB, be girlfriends and wife with commitments.

27. FWB is not a good idea.

28. It’s not easy to be FWB.

29. FWB is great.

30. FWB is more than feelings and less than love.

31. FWB is what II needs.

32. It’s not loving, it’s something less.

33. It’s more than your commitment.

34. It’s way better than being in a messy marriage.

35. Your girlfriend should be your best friend, not FWB.

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Friends with benefits quotes no emotions

36. Being FWB after a breakup is all fun.

37. We care for each other.

38. We are more than friends but less than a couple.

39. I keep trying to hide it from you but I love you.

40. It’s not easy for your friends with benefits.

41. There are many benefits of having good friends but FWB is something more.

42. One of the best things about getting an FWB is that you can still get a good fuck and stay single.

43. It’s okay to be in some relationship like this.

44. FWB is good enough to hang out with.

45. Friends with benefits. You’ll get hurt in the end.

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Friends with benefits quotes tag log

46. We are friends with benefits. So don’t go sober on me.

47. Facebook should extend its statuses to FWB.

48. It’s not as good as a relationship but still, it’s worth it.

49. It’s worth giving it a shot.

50. We don’t have to be couples, we can be friends with benefits.

51. So you two are together? No, we are just friends with benefits.

52. You can never make out alive of this relationship.

53. I hope we can be friends with benefits.

54. We’re not dating, we’re just friends who hang out and cuddle together.

55. I really want to be in a relationship and he wants us to be FWB.

56. It’s not such a big deal, we’re just friends with benefits.

57. She mu FWB. More than a friend, less than a wife.

58. It’s nothing. I’m just glad I met you.

59. You’re worth waiting for.

60. Not a relationship. No emotions. Just sex.

61. I’m that I-AM-GONNA-CHANGE-YOUR-LIFE type of girl.

62. I don’t have a type. It’s more about what’s inside.

63. Every place can be a bit lonely sometimes.

64. It’s not something serious, we’re just friends.

65. I don’t know if you know this but I seriously want you.

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Friends with benefits quotes captions

66. I always thought you were a true love type of girl.

67. It’s not easy being with you.

68. If it is not love then what is it?

69. It’s maybe something more than that stupid relationship.

70. Nah. We’re just friends with benefits.

71. It’s not as easy as it looks like.

72. Catching no feelings is the biggest thing.

73. And finally, you end up falling for them.

74. There’s only one rule: Don’t fall in love.

75. We are just those friends who can hang out and fuck together.

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Friends with benefits quotes for Instagram

76. It’s not official. We still are friends with benefits.

77. You’ll never understand this relationship.

78. You wish it was that easy.

79. I like your eyes.

80. Do you want to be happy? Get out of that relationship.

81. You just have to stop yourself.

82. Stop him from getting in the way.

83. We are nothing. It’s just an FWB type of situation.

84. I wish we could be more than just friends with benefits.

85. I’m totally done with this relationship.

86. It’ll never work out. We have nothing.

87. One day you’ll find someone and boom. You’re friends with benefits.

88. We can’t live without each other, but we have to.

89. It’s way too complicated than it looks.

90. Being friends with benefits is not as cool as it looks. You end up hurt.

91. It’s just called hurting yourself.

So these were 90+ Friends with benefits quotes. These quotes were here to make you realize what’s the true meaning of this relationship means. It’s not just fun, you may end up catching feelings for another person. So, let these friends with benefits quotes sink in and mark them in order to save yourself from the pain that you may face.

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