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50 Best Happy Retirement Quotes and Wishes

As you enter a new phase of your life, we wish you these happy retirement quotes and retirement card wishes for a great and prosperous life ahead.

Whether your mom, dad, friend, or colleague retires you can send them these happy retirement quotes to make them feel special.

Read the following heart-filled happy retirement quotes which you can use to make someone’s day.

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40 Best Happy Retirement Quotes

1. Retirement only means it is time for a new adventure.

2. Retired life is Seven Day Weekend!

3. You might be retired from work, but you sure ain’t retired from life.

4. Mr. Wall Street, Retirement is not just about money.

5. The reason I don’t retire is that I learn something new every day.

6. The key to retirement is to find joy in the little things.

7. Turn your retirement dreams into reality.

8. The question isn’t at what age I want to retire. It’s at what Income.

9. When you stop living at work and start working at living retirement.

10. I’m retired having a good time is my job!

11. Now Fridays aren’t the best day of the week anymore….. they all are!

12. The world’s longest coffee break is often referred to as retirement.

13. Retirement isn’t the end of the road, but just a turn in the road.

14. There really are two lives we live. The first life and then the second life when we realize we only have one life.

15. You have to put off being young until you can retire.

16. Retirement is a time to enjoy the things you never could before.

17. Leave your past behind and embrace your new future. Work it over, retirement is here!

20. Life begins at retirement.

21. Your teamwork and dedication to your staff are greatly appreciated. We hope to enjoy your retired life as much as we have enjoyed you working with us!

22. Retirement is the best gift. No gold watch plaque could ever top it.

23. When you retire, every day is both Boss Day and Employee Appreciation Day.

24. There’s never enough time to do anything you want.

25. Retirement, the world’s longest doughnut break.

26. Retirement means less pressure, less stress, and less suffering…. unless you’re a golfer.

27. In retirement, it’s not the years of your life. It’s life in your years.

28. You can’t retire from being great.

29. When you retire there’s never enough time to do nothing.

30. When you retire, it turns the page into a new chapter of your life.

31. Have a restful but fun and active retirement.

32. Retirement is a chance to start over.

33. Retirement is the world’s longest coffee break.

34. Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you always have been.

35. As this chapter of your life ends, may a new and exceptional one begin.

36. Retirement is a time to experience a fulfilling life derived from many enjoyable and rewarding activities.

37. Sit back and relax and do the things you never got a chance to do.

38. There’s never enough time to do nothing you want.

39. Let the new adventures begin.

40. When you retire, you switch bosses. From the one who hired you to the one who married you.

10 Retirement Card Wishes

1. Congrats on being so tired that you had to retire.

2. Enjoy working at living, rather than living at work.

3. As you go into this next phase of your life, may you enjoy the very best that life has to offer.

4. Let the relaxation begin!

5. When you stop lying about your age and start lying around the house is retirement.

6. After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.

7. Wishing you all the joy and happiness that a happy retirement can bring.

8. May you be proud of the work you have done, the person you are, and the difference you have made.

9. We hope you will enjoy every minute of this next phrase. May your retirement life be the best part of your life, yet.

10. You are wonderful, your spirit and energy will always guide us to move forward. Happy Retirement.

I hope these 50 Happy Retirement Quotes and Retirement Card Wishes are enough for you.


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