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Gauri Singh Thakur

Hello Readers, I'm Gauri, graduated from Delhi University and have 3 years of experience as proficient content writer. I appreciate writing articles that help readers become better individuals.
celebration quotes

35 Best Celebration Quotes

Life goes by quickly. Sometimes, things happen so quickly that it seems like we’re just moving on to the next thing. There should not be a specific reason for you to celebrate, be happy for every movement in life, celebrate…

blessing quotes

70 Blessing Quotes For Happy Life

What a beautiful thing blessings are. They serve as a reminder of the positive aspects of life and our blessings. Blessings and gratitude are related in that everyone benefits from practising appreciation on a daily basis, and being grateful is…

Sad love quotes

100+ Sad Love Quotes

It’s always hard to move on from heartbreak or a one-sided relationship that ends up being a sad love tale, but it’s time to move on. Maybe spend a few minutes reading these quotations about to the things that you…

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

45 Famous Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln, acknowledged as one of the greatest US presidents to have led our country, transformed it through his wisdom and empathy for all people. The Best Abraham Lincoln Quotes are listed below, and they should encourage you to live…