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Gauri Singh Thakur

Hello Readers, I'm Gauri, graduated from Delhi University and have 3 years of experience as proficient content writer. I appreciate writing articles that help readers become better individuals.
sad friendship quotes

70 Best Sad Friendship Quotes

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a friend. You’ve shared some of your favourite memories with them. They are there for you through thick and thin and provide the support you require. However, friendships can even disappoint you. There is…

Late night quotes

50 Famous Late Night Quotes

Bedtime procrastination is popular among those who feel they don’t have control over their time and are seeking a solution to restore some personal time, even if it means staying up late. There must be other explanations. Late At Night…

Nothing is permanent quotes

45+ Best Nothing is Permanent Quotes

The course of life is constantly changing. Because everything we own in our experience is merely a passing possession, we are unable to hang on to anything permanently. Never lose sight of the fact that nothing is ever permanent. The…