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100 Best Black and White Quotes | Caption for Black and White Pic

Looking for a classy and amazing caption for a black and white pic? We have rounded up the best collection of black and white quotes, sayings, captions, messages, and status messages, (with images and pictures) for all those people who love black and white!!!

The color contrast of black and white is mainly used to depict the opposites of the same thing. Some idioms also use these color shades to mention specific contrasts.

For instance, when you say anything starting with “it’s all black and white” here are you mentioning something related to which has been written clearly, either it’s one thing or another, and there’s nothing in between.

These colors are also used to justify the said statement which is free from all sorts of ambiguities and confusion.

These quotes and captions for black and white pic will help you be headstrong and give you the confidence to put the bold statements which are either/ or but NO maybes!! 😀

We have got some of the best uplifting sayings, captions, and black and white quotes. These will surely boost an adrenaline rush and a positive attitude to make unambiguous and clear judgments. Time to deal with confidence with a pinch of class and swag.

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40 Famous Black and White Quotes and Captions

1. “Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but black and white films still hold an affectionate place in my heart; they have an incomparable mystique and mood.”― Ginger Rogers

2. “Since I am from Spain, once the morning has gone, I like to take a nap while falling asleep to black and white movies. It feels less lonely. There is a comfort in hearing their voices, like when you’re a child and your mother tells you a story before bedtime.”― Jordi Molla

3. “Relations between black and white would be greatly improved if we were more accepting of our fears and our feelings and more vocal about it.”― Sarah Silverman

4. “When I look into the crowd, I see young and old, black and white – amazingly, I’m able to connect with so many different kinds of people.”― Patti LaBelle

5. “It’s good to play something black and white, and a guy that sees right and wrong. I’ve never played a character like that.”― David Lyons

black and white quotes

6. “The natural response of the old-timers is to build a strong moral wall against the outside. This is where the world starts to be painted in black and white, saints inside, and sinners outside the wall.”― Mary Douglas

7. “In movies, we tend to make things black and white: you’re either this, or you’re that.”― Bill Skarsgard

black and white quote

8. “I think it’s because it was an emotional story, and emotions come through much stronger in black and white. Colour is distracting in a way, it pleases the eye but it doesn’t necessarily reach the heart.”― Kim Hunter

9. “Which is probably the reason why I work exclusively in black and white… to highlight that contrast.”― Leonard Nimoymn

10. “When we don’t have information, we go to the simplest outlook, to black and white. But then we have to lie to ourselves. Black is never as black as you’re painting it and white is never as white.”― Patricia Sun

11. “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”― Andri Cauldwell

black and white quotes

12. “My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white”― Monty Python

13. “I don’t know why we work, my husband and I. We just do. We are black and white – yin and yang.”― Heidi Klum

14. “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”― Ted Grant

15. “Books bring alluring colors to our mundane black and white world.”― Caleb Reese

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16. “When you’re the victim of the behavior, it’s black and white; when you’re the perpetrator, there are a million shades of gray.”― Laura Schlessinger

17. “Celluloid will be the next decade’s black and white.”― Danny Boyle

18. “It is not that Shakespeare’s art is in technicolor and fancy, and that real life is black and white and tedious. The life that Shakespeare was living was the only life he had, and he had to use it to create what he was doing.”― Stephen Greenblatt

19. “Diversity doesn’t mean black and white only.”― Henry Louis Gates

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20. “Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?”― Ridley Scott

21. “The way I was brought up by my parents and guided through my football life by the influences of various managers means that in some ways I am black and white.”― Stuart Pearce

22. “It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ’cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black-and-white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area.”― Nicki Minaj

23. “It’s about you. If you win, it’s you; if you lose, it’s you. Black and white. Nowhere to hide.”― Greg Rusedski

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24. “In tragedy, it’s hard to find a good resolution; it’s not black and white: it’s a big fog of gray.”― Paul Dano

25. “I work in color sometimes, but I guess the images I most connect to, historically speaking, are in black and white. I see more in black and white – I like the abstraction of it.”― Mary Ellen Mark

26. “In the beginning, it was all black and white.”― Maureen O’Hara

27. “We’re so quick to go to make things black and white and to put things in their box. But everything is this mixture – and that’s what this world is – is this blend of different things.”― Matisyahu

28. Black and white always look modern, whatever that word means. — Karl Lagerfeld

29. Things are not quite so simple always as black and white. — Doris Lessing

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30. Life is not always black and white, but there’s no harm in wearing it.

31. Within the range of black and white, we are grey; Having different shades for each emotion.

32. Some people wear white to cover up their inherent blackened souls.

33. We form a mixture of black and white in our grey matter.

34. A troubled mind will find chaos even in white.

35. Judging people is like debating whether gray is a shade of black or white; pointless with no correct answer.

36. I painted you in the purest white and you chose to represent me with the darkest black.

37. “Landscapes are a classic way of using black and white and can give you a very elegant look at nature.” – Rob Sheppard

38. A blind man said “People think I see black, black is too vast. Nor do I see white, white is peaceful. I remind them I see emptiness.”

39. “The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.” – Vikrmn

40. Even a white rose has a black shadow.

40 Caption for Black and White Pic and Images

41. Life is in color but black and white is more realistic.

42. Rules are just black and white. Choices are the shades in between.

43. We were all born in black and molded by white. Both good and bad dwell in us.

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44. Everything’s not black and white. We choose to make bad decisions or not. – Will Arnett

45. The black sky is as magical as the white snow. When nature doesn’t differentiate beauty based on color why should we?

46. Be a person who appreciates both black and white. One wouldn’t be noticed without the other.

47. Your canvas may be fully white allowing you to use all colours. My canvas is fully black forcing me to struggle harder to find the right colours.

48. Let us paint our white attires black. That way we wouldn’t be worried about stains anymore.

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49. When the white moon needs the black sky to shine, Then why can’t we accept the darkness in our lives as a way to shine.

50. The void in us is black and rather subdued. The light in us is white and out. But is we who pick the tints and shades we show.

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51. We’re all complex creatures, and we shouldn’t have to pick one thing to be passionate about. Life isn’t black and white, so we shouldn’t live that way. – Cassadee Pope

52. Black and white. Yin and Yan. Good and bad. It’s all about balance.

53. “Why black and white? Because color can be too demanding.” – Diane Keaton

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54. The real downfall began when white was seen as beauty and black became the beast.

55. He gave me a rose of adoration. I chose to keep it ignoring whether it is a white shade of the moon or the black shade of charcoal.

56. I fell in love with your whites, I kept close to the blacks that shape your soul.

57. Black nights signify times of mystery, the white moon shines hope through the pain.

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57. It’s all tints and shades, A play of black and white, Is always the grey between the two, But never the two?

58. I am white, known for snow, Known for purity and sacrifice, Me being the symbol of loneliness, Me being the colour of weddings, Opposite of black they say, But as important as black in its own way.

59. Today I looked at the moon, The black imperfections in it yet beautiful, Between all the perfect white and shiny stars, Yet it’s only one of its kind, Just like us.

60. Black and white and all in between, Dots and lines and all in between, So pure and so malicious, So unique and so plain.

61. Black is so much easier to find than white, But do you know black is made of so many colours that we don’t differentiate, And white is just a new page.

62. The interpretation of black and white stands out brightly through the delicate nuances of emotions. The love and the anger and the light and the shadow.

63. At the end of this bone-white gravel road, They both lie sleeping on their feather bed, And their hair’s as black as the sky at night, But her eyes are grey – Mathilde Santing

64. The white snowfalls, On my black heart, I can never understand, I hear you call, It melts my heart, You made me part of your plan.

65. Unwise settle for hat tricks, My heart cries when airs pulling out rabbits from they might, As white lies turn to black magic, And destruction results from distraction – Swoope

66. Because the story’s old, The black and white, Have gone to grey – Finger eleven

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67. Color bends, Liar friends, New eyes seeing the black and white, Ripped away – Henry Rollins

68. I’ve been colorblind, Trapped in black and white, Built these walls so high, Kept me inside, Aint there more than this? Ignorance is bliss – Young guns

69. Black is black, white is white, Wrong is wrong and right is right, Every moment compromise – Amanda Scott

70. The world would be a better place, No more black or white, No more rich or poor, Throw away our prejudice. – Tabo’s Project

71. I’ll always see you in color, Rainbows in autumn, You know this is more than, Black and white, I’ll see you in color, Not black and white – Jacob Banks

72. Be like snow white and night black, Natural but beautiful.

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73. She sees in black and white, Thinks in grey, But loves in colour – James Storm

74. There was a time when I was white waiting for colour. Now I am an artist with only black in my palette.

75. Oh amber sunflower, Blooming eastward owing to the white sunlight, Sleeping westward bestowing a black night, Show me how you move, teach me how to adjust.

76. Life was always shades of black and white, Your colours lured me in and I fell, Into a void that rid me of my vision, Oh how I wish I get my black and white back.

77. Between the spectrum of black and white, We are all the colours that dwell, Whether complete or empty, We all have a name and tone.

78. See the colour, Understand it, and appreciate it, Black and white and all shades in between, Colour was always subjective.

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79. “Music photographs in black and white are timeless. I can definitely recount more black and white music photographs I love that I can color ones.” – Dean Sherwood

80. “The world is in color, you have to work at black and white.” – Andrew Maclean

20 Black and White Captions for Instagram With Images

81. “When shooting a portrait in black and white you are not distracted by the colours and it is much less confusing; this allows me to capture the character of my sitter. My portraits are very calm and, I hope, timeless. I strive to make each portrait a true reflection of the individual.” – Antonia Deutsch

82. “Black and white images take you beyond what most people photograph.” – Rob Sheppard

83. “When I shoot a photo I already know if the final image will be black and white or colour – it’s a matter of what expressive language you want for that project. Of course, some images are more suitable for black and white, especially high-contrasted images.” – Gian Marco Marano

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84. “For me, Africa is a land of light and contrast. Black and white is the best way to express the solitary emotion and vitality of wildlife.” – Laurent Baheux

85. “With black and white photography, what you have to say counts more than the way you say it.” – Gian Marco

86. “While colour photography gets ever closer to reproducing a ‘real image’, comparable to that witnessed by the eye, mono provides a level of abstraction that can evoke a sense of fantasy, dream or escape.” – Tim Savage

87. “The world doesn’t see a lot of gray. The world sees black and white, and then it understands.” – George C. Wolfe

88. “Black and white can transform a scene into something magical.” – Rob Sheppard

89. “For me, converting a colour photo to a black and white is like dipping a film negative in the developer liquid and discovering the final image.” – Guy Gagnon

black and white quotes

90. “In black and white there are more colors than color photography because you are not blocked by any colors so you can use your experiences, your knowledge, and your fantasy, to put colors into black and white.” – Anders Petersen

91. “The black and white photographer is a musician, transposing notes on the fly, visualizing a final print from the world of color.” – Ted Dillard

92. “In the ’70s, in Britain, if you were going to do serious photography, you were obliged to work in black-and-white. Color was the palette of commercial photography and snapshot photography.” – Martin Parr

93. “A natural self-limitation in photography is to leave out the color and present the world in black and white.” – Harold Davis

94. “If I could have had my own way, I would have confined myself to black and white.” – Edgar Degas

black and white caption

95. “There are some locations I go to and they scream black and white to me because of the ambiance. For me, great black and white images fall into two categories: very dramatic with stormy skies and bold compositions and at the other end of the spectrum a calm and minimalist composition.”  – Helen Rushton

96. “In the end, the only heritage we have is our planet, and I have decided to go to the most pristine places on the planet and photograph them in the most honest way I know, with my point of view, and of course, it is in black and white because it is the only thing I know how to do.” – Sebastiao Salgado

97. “Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.” – Robert Frank

98. “I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black.” – Henri Mattise

99. “When images are in black and white, they seem timeless. When you see Carrie Otis in an ad from 1989 next to an ad with Klara Wester from 2009, you don’t see a 20-year difference between the pictures.” – Paul Marciano

100. “I don’t see the world completely in black and white. Sometimes I do.” – Benicio Del Toro

101. “Everything always looked better in black and white. Everything always looked as if it were the first time; there are always more people in a black and white photograph. It just makes it seem that there were more people at a gig, and more people at a football match, than with colour photography. Everything looks more exciting.” – Jack Lowden

102. “Black and white has an unsurpassed ability to convey character.” – David Prakel

I hope all these 100 black and white quotes, captions, sayings, and images helped you to find the most suitable quotes for your need and caption for black and white pic for your next Instagram post or story.


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