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100+ Glorious Gemini Quotes, Sayings, and Images

A zodiac sign is the best representation of somebody’s personality. There are various zodiac signs, but today we will be talking about the most glorious one i.e. Gemini Quotes.

Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign in astrology. These are the persons who were born between May 21 and June 21 and are said to the social and talkative people. It is also said that Females born in this period are the center of attraction or socially empowered.

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100+ Best Gemini Quotes & Images

Here are 100+ Gemini quotes for all the Geminis out there. These quotes will represent how glorious and awesome a zodiac sign could be. So, gather yourself and get ready to see the wrath of Geminis with the help of these awesome Gemini Quotes.

15 Gemini Sayings with Images

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1. Gemini can detach themselves from someone so easily. It’s their defense mechanism to protect themselves emotionally.

Gemini Quotes | QuotesChecker

2. Gemini chooses to ignore certain things but doesn’t think they didn’t notice.

Gemini Quotes | QuotesChecker

3. Gemini figures out their true personality stays focused and consistent, overthink at 3 AM, and deals with mood swings to keep boredom out of their lives.

Gemini Quotes | QuotesChecker

4. When Gemini finally explodes, they don’t care, and they have no control of what comes out of their mouth.

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5. Geminis don’t have an attitude, they just have a personality you can’t handle.

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6. Gemini, difficult to understand, impossible to forget.

Gemini Sayings | QuotesChecker

7. A Gemini can smell losers from 6 miles away.

Gemini Sayings | QuotesChecker

8. Never the one to stress themselves out over petty shit. They will be the first ones to say ”Fuck it”.

Gemini Sayings | QuotesChecker

9. Everyone wants to be liked & accepted except Gemini, Gemini doesn’t give a shit.

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10. A Gemini falls for someone intellectual, interesting, and full of surprises.

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11. Gemini’s motto: Life is for living, you can rest when you are dead.

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12. As a Gemini, you hide your pain behind every joke you tell. You don’t like to show any sign of weakness.

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13. Gemini is like: That “ignoring each other” game can turn into a “never hearing from me again’ game real fast.

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14. I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.

Gemini Quotes Female | QuotesChecker

15. Gemini’s are not two-faced, they simply see both sides of everything, which even confuses them at times.

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20 Gemini Quotes for Instagram

16. Geminis are always trying to figure out why they are moody, and then get moodier when they couldn’t find the answer.

17. Gemini’s have a hard time trusting, but when they do, they will always trust and if you mess that up, they will never trust you again.

18. Geminis may not realize how bossy they are. Fortunately, they are lovable and easily forgiven.

19. She is madness, sanity. She is hell and paradise.

20. The difference between me and most people is that everyone else says shit behind your back, and I say it to your face.

21. Gemini is known for flirts but once they are attached to someone they become blind to the rest of the world.

22. Gemini is a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.

23. She is a mess and a masterpiece.

24. A Gemini will go from “I like you” to “Fuck you” all in a matter of seconds, so don’t piss them off.

25. Gemini, not invited, won’t go, not offered, won’t ask, not spoken to, won’t talk.

26. Losing me is like losing your front teeth. You’ll never laugh the same again.

27. Geminis can become their own worse enemies if they become restless and bored. They need constant stimulation and activities to feel content. Without these things, they quickly build up nervous energies and will become overly moody and chaotic.

28. Gemini will simply ignore those who have upset them rather than trying to get even. Moving forward is their priority.

29. It takes a lot to earn a Gemini’s trust and once it’s broken they’ll never trust you again, ever.

30. They will always treat you like a priority until you treat them like an option.

31. She was a thousand faces all to hide her own.

32. Geminis are sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

33. Either feeling too many emotions at once or being completely detached from everything.

34. You won’t have to deal with a Gemini’s 300 personalities if you act right the first time.

35. They’ll call you a lot, text you at weird times, and share more of their private life with you, they naturally flirt but they’ll make you feel extra special.

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20 Gemini Quotes Female

36. Gemini will never fully let anyone in.

37. A Gemini’s thoughts: ”I can be your most beautiful dream or your worst fucking nightmare.”

38. Gemini isn’t as cruel as they’re perceived to be. They simply lash out when they’ve taken too much of your crap for too long.

39. There’s a fire in her. If loved correctly, she will warm your entire home. If abused, she will burn it down.

40. If a Gemini cares for you then they will have your back in any situation. If they don’t, they’re mean and they’ll watch you suffer. Why cause they don’t give a flying fuck.

41. When a Gemini is finally tired of trying, they will just leave, no fight, no argument, and sometimes not even a goodbye.

42. I never let the same person disappoint me twice.

43. When a Gemini tells you how they feel, they mean it. It takes a lot for them to truly open up to people.

44. Gemini can only take so much crap before they break. Then they’ll want to go off alone until they’ve got clarity on the situation.

45. Behind a Gemini’s cheerful and carefree attitude is someone that can be going through so much but still try to make others happy.

46. Of course, I talk to myself sometimes I need expert advice.

47. Never tell Geminis what to do because it will only make them do the opposite.

48. If you get a Gemini mad enough, listen carefully because everything they’re going to say, they’ve been holding it in to spare your feeling. Trust me.

49. Gemini has a soft heart wrapped up in a tough shell.

50. Keep calm I’m a Gemini I’ll change my mind in a second.

51. It’s hard to say mad at a Gemini because they will flash that pretty smile, or say something funny to make everything go away.

52. Am I the only one who text back fast af with no shame? Like who cares.

53. Geminis can switch their feelings off just like that. They can be hot with you one minute, and the next minute they don’t want you.

54. When a Gemini cuts off with you, there’s no going back.

55. I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful. I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.

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20 Gemini Sayings

56. Gemini! It’s the gem in me. Double the trouble, double the fun, learn how to love me, or learn how to run.

57. A Gemini’s fear: Feeling trapped and being alone.

58. Not to be rude but Geminis are smarter than the rest of you combined.

59. Their personality is half “cool as fuck”, and half “what the fuck”.

60. A Gemini is a cross between a drunk and a genius.

61. Geminis can be the nicest people, till you cross them. Then the other face shows.

62. Gemini won’t be your fake friends. If they don’t like you, you’ll know.

63. When someone sends a demon to a Gemini’s life, but they don’t know how powerful we are.

64.  They make great entrepreneurs, designers, writers, speakers, and anything artistic.

65. Geminis spots the little things about a person that others miss.

66. Nobody gets into trouble, or out of it again faster than a Gemini.

67. I pray that whoever falls in love with me will be the one I marry cause I wouldn’t want to put anyone through the pain of losing me again. I’m amazing.

68. Gemini is like I can smell your bullshit.

69. Gemini notices everything about you. Your walk, how you talk, your unconscious habits, everything.

70. Stuck between being goofy one moment and serious the next minute.

71. A Gemini is more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people.

72. Don’t try to disturb a Gemini when they’re angry because it won’t end well for you.

73. If you’re in love with a Gemini you should go ahead and tell them. They like hearing that stuff.

74. Your Gemini lover will not let anyone talk negatively about you behind your back. They will attack.

75. Once I’m yours, I’m yours. I will stay loyal and committed to you, and only you!

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20 Gemini Man Quotes

76. Gemini probably has multiple interests, but none will hold their attention for very long.

77. If you broke or at the least put a dent in a Geminis trust, no words of assurance can ever bring your relationship to how it was before.

78. When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.

79. When a Gemini has moved on: They’ll do everything in their power not to be in the same location as you, all your conversations via text or phone will be short and to the point.

80. It’s hard to keep their attention, it’s not that they don’t care, they just get bored easily. Maybe too easily.

81. A Gemini is someone that is very independent; anything they need, they can get for themselves. They don’t like to depend on anyone.

82. Geminis usually conceal their emotions with humor and try to seem happy all the time, even when they feel crappy.

83. Geminis are good at staying positive in a room full of haters.

84. Gemini can either be your biggest blessing or your worst nightmare.

85. Once you have the heart of a Gemini, you will experience one of the deepest loves possible.

86. Gemini won’t be your fake friends if they don’t like you, you’ll know.

87. Fuck a fake friend a Gemini only needs one or two people they can really rely on. Anyone else is just an acquaintance.

88. Gemini sees both sides of an argument. They have a flexible mind.

89. No matter her age, a Gemini lady will always remain young at heart.

90. Always changing constantly evolving.

91. Geminis twin ability allows them to see through people. One look at you and they know exactly who you are inside.

92. Trying to read a Gemini’s mind is like trying to think of a word that rhymes with orange. You just can’t do it.

93. Gemini doesn’t a perfect relationship. They just need someone who won’t give up on them.

94. Don’t be alarmed if you see or hear a Gemini laughing for no apparent reason, it’s just what they do sometimes.

95. Don’t try to fool a Gemini. They operate with both logic and intuition, so either way, you’re crewed.

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9 Gemini Woman Quotes

96. Gemini can go through periods where they feel depressed and antisocial for what seems to be no reason at all.

97. Gemini isn’t the thirsty type. You can be the finest thing walking, but you’re just a thing walking if you don’t reach their standards.

98. Gemini is a dreamer and has many dreams.

99. Only a Gemini can see the good and bad in every situation.

100. They will not apologize for having something to say just because your sensitive ass cannot handle the truth.

101. Even if Gemini had a million reasons to leave you, they would still look for one to stay.

102. Gemini is the most difficult zodiac to understand.

103. When a Gemini is focused, nothing will stand in its way. It will be their two minds against your one & odds are not in your favor.

104. Gemini woman: She is an ideal combination of beauty with brains.

So, these were all 100+ Gemini quotes for all the Geminis out there. These quotes are a representation of how awesome one zodiac sign can be. So let’s praise all the Geminis with the help of these amazing Gemini Quotes.


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