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200 Libra Quotes to Better Understand Your Zodiac Sign

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scales. People born under the Libra zodiac tend to be very balanced and fair-minded individuals who value relationships above all else. They strive for harmony and peace and are incredibly diplomatic in their approach to life.

Libra people are known for their passion for art, culture, and literature, and love to express themselves through creative outlets. As a Libra, you are sure to make an impression wherever you go and you will be rewarded with plenty of admiration!

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200 Thoughtful Zodiac Libra Quotes

Our Zodiac sign is the true representation of what we are and what we want to be. So here are 200 Libra quotes to appreciate all the Libras out there. Every Zodiac sign has its own importance and today we are marking the importance of this amazing sign with the help of these quotes. So, let’s dive straight into these amazing Libra quotes.

30 Quotes on Libra

  1. Libra doesn’t change around people to make themselves “fit in”. They are who they are.
  2. Libra has a great memory. Hurt us and we will never think of you the same.
  3. If you ignore a Libra’s text, the next one you send is probably getting ignored.
  4. Libras are comfortable enough with themselves to stand alone if they have to.
  5. Once you lie to a libra, they will forever doubt everything you say.
  6. For Libra hanging out with themselves is honestly a vibe. Just they and their music.
  7. Libra mood: Remain humble, but still let these bitches know.
  8. Libra is very sensitive and can easily become irritated or aggressive.
  9. Libra won’t chase after anyone. If you want to walk out of their life, they will hold the door open.
  10. For Libras, there’s a very thin line between love and indifference.
  11. We are still full of love. We just can’t give it out how we used to anymore.
  12. Libras don’t chasse they get chosen.
  13. Libras can catch their friends in a lie over and over again yet they may never call them on it, all because they don’t want to embarrass them.
  14. Libra believes in Karma. They try to do good so it comes back to them.
  15. Being beautiful is built into the Libra DNA.
  16. In ways, people may never understand. Libras get really ticked off by unsolicited advice.
  17. Anything before Libra was a mistake. Anything after Libra is a downgrade.
  18. Libras know exactly what to say to hurt you. But they are unlikely to ever do so.
  19. Libra is the perfect cross between The good and The bad, which is just right for everyone.
  20. You can’t blame me for something I did years ago. Bitch I keep changing every day. I’m never the same bitch I was years ago.
  21. If you want a Libra to do anything, just order them to do the exact opposite.
  22. People think Libras are pretty easy to influence. But they only allow your influence to do what they already had in mind in the first place.
  23. You know you messed up if a Libra is ignoring you.
  24. Libras are the shock absorbers of the Zodiac. The more shocking and alarming the news, the calmer the Libra will be.
  25. Very often, Libras put themselves in situations where they end up saying “Jeez, I should have just said No”
  26. If I had a dollar for every time I procrastinate and still get shit done, I would’ve been a billionaire.
  27. Libra doesn’t entertain clown activity. If you want to be extra dramatic, they exit stage left.
  28. Libras are the lovers and the peacemakers of the Zodiac. Until you come for the ones they love.
  29. Libras actually have the capacity of understanding when people lie to them in order to get out of a jam or to save face. But when you lie for no good reason? No.
  30. Hanging out with a Libra makes you feel so much better.

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30 Funny Quotes For Libra

  1. In some cases, we’ve already made a decision but we are not ready to divulge it. So we make it look like we are undecided, since to you, we are indecisive anyway.
  2. Libra’s biggest annoyance: Fake People.
  3. Libras are generally pleasant to everyone they meet, but don’t let too many people in.
  4. Libras tend to have many superficial friends, but very few true confidants, if any.
  5. Libra: I don’t need a man, I need clear skin, a fat bank account, and my best friends.
  6. When someone says they can never trust a Libra. Libra: Ok then, screw you.
  7. Distance means so little when you mean so much to Libra.
  8. A Libra always knows more than they say, thinks more than they speak, and sees more than you realize.
  9. Don’t rush a Libra, something this great takes time.
  10. Dear Libra, focus on your goals. People nowadays are Confused AF.
  11. Libra after being betrayed, turn into the coldest person you know.
  12. When a Libra decides to revenge, even the Devil sits down to take lessons.
  13. I want to live by the ocean but also in a forest but also in the mountains but also in a big city but also in the countryside, you feel me?
  14. Don’t test me, even if I like you a lot I can still ignore your whole existence. I’m a Libra.
  15. Libras have a character that some may find difficult to understand. And that’s just fine with them.
  16. Everyone wants us to help them with their peace. When we’re still trying to master peace ourselves.
  17. Dear Libra, stop romanticizing the people who hurt you. You deserve something real and healthy not toxic.
  18. Libra always knows who’s fake and who’s real, but they prefer to play along.
  19. You can never know what’s going on in Libra’s mind.
  20. Too complicated to be understood by a normal being.
  21. A Libra will get turned on by my kissing (done the right way).
  22. Libra can read your thoughts through your body language alone.
  23. My only advice for dealing with myself is to catch myself while I care.
  24. What Libra wants. Libra gets.
  25. Libra hates to argue by yelling. Try to be quiet, mature, and calm about it.
  26. Try to break a Libra down, and all it does is make them stronger in the end.
  27. Libras are the master of tact. They know what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and who to say it to.
  28. When Libra is in bad mood, they can become distant and hard to reach.
  29. When you get into an awkward situation let Libra do all the taking. They can negotiate themselves out of anything.
  30. Anyone who really gets to know a Libra either falls in love or ends up hating or both.

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30 Libra Quotes About Love

  1. When Libras are in love, even sleep can lose its importance. They’d rather spend all night chatting with their lover.
  2. Libras hate hurting people’s feelings. Most times, the one thing we are stressing about and overthinking for hours is the way we did or said something that hurt another person’s feelings.
  3. Libra comes with a built-in lie detector.
  4. The way I care for people makes me wish I had somebody like me in my life.
  5. If they did something they think was not fair, it bothers them so much, they will go back and make it fair.
  6.  If you have the ability to bring out the Libra’s dark side quite often, that makes you pretty messed up.
  7. If Libras were a drink, it’d be a cocktail. We can’t be just one thing, a little bit of everything.
  8. You may see my struggle but you will never see me quit.
  9. Libra: Because our heart said it’s the right thing to do we do things with sincerity, not for praise or appreciation.
  10. Libra: The longer we go without something the more comfortable we get with its absence.
  11. Libras are master handlers. One second you’re mad at us, and the next second when we talk through it, you’ll see the sense in the fact that we are the ones who should be mad at you.
  12. Usually, when I say I’m done, I’m not a dome. When I’m really done, I won’t need to say I’m done. I’ll just be done.
  13. A Libra’s passionate kiss will blow you away. That’s one of their specialties and favorite things to do in a relationship.
  14. It’s commonly said that the Libra either hates you or loves you. Truth is, we are also the masters of indifference. For some people, we feel absolutely nothing.
  15. Libra is the one that will go out of their way just to make someone happy even with the cost of their own happiness.
  16. Libras don’t like fake shit, grow up or go home.
  17. Libras have to look good together, They have a reputation to protect. Don’t show up for a date with the Libra looking like a hot mess. Just don’t do it.
  18. They keep saying Libras are always in a relationship, so how come I’m never in one?
  19. Libras have the uncanny ability to plan everything out, yet still, manage to go with the flow.
  20. Dear Libra, one day you will regret being there for that toxic partner, who never says your worth. You still got time. Drop that shit.
  21. If only I could read people’s minds to know if I’ve offended them or not.
  22. A Libra is a very good friend to have. If you don’t see to it now, you’ll realize it soon enough.
  23. I forgave you for the same mistake you would’ve hated me for.
  24. Rather than arguing, we walk away. Not because you’re right, but because we’re tired of talking to a fool.
  25. At the end of the day, we rather are hated for being ourselves than be loved for someone we’re not.
  26. Often we attract someone who isn’t right for us because we can’t see them clearly. Which puts us in dramatic confusing situations.
  27. At most times. Libra hardly ever reveals their true feelings to anyone if they already have to you. You’re precious to them.
  28. Libra: We don’t like to cause a scene in public but in private we’ll light a fire under your ass.
  29. A Libra doesn’t trust easily. But once you win their trust. You will have access to their heart. But never prove them otherwise they’ll shut that door in no time.
  30. A Libra is the type of person who sticks around, no matter how badly they’ve been hurt.

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30 Best Quotes About Libra

  1. Sometimes we hate our own attitude. We can wake up and be mad for no reason.
  2. If you are too soft and boring. Don’t try a Libra.
  3. Libras sometimes seemed completely unaware of their good looks. But trust me, they know.
  4. Libras don’t get angry very quickly but when they do, they get too angry.
  5. I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.
  6. Libra’s kind of love is a bespoke kind of love. They’ll listen to you, learn about the ways you like to be loved, and love you just like that.
  7. Libras seem to have the whole package: beauty and brains.
  8. Libra: I’m getting a little tired of your unfairness and lack of communication.
  9. When it comes to procrastination, the Libra’s spirit is always so willing, but the flesh is struggling.
  10. Libras can’t stand criticism. We know our flaws and we spend a pretty good amount of time beating ourselves up over them. To you, we are perfection.
  11. Libra has a heart for beauty. They’ll see something special in you where others see nothing.
  12. Lovely Libra knows how to charm but behind their dimples and sweet personality, they’re a fighter.
  13. Libras are sapiosexuals, it takes more than looks to grab their attention.
  14. When we apologize it’s from the heart. So if we shed a tear or few just know that it’s real.
  15. It’s hard to make a Libra jealous because they know what they’re worth and know that they can have anyone they want.
  16. Libra can shock everyone around them with a sudden storm of rage.
  17. I say “I don’t know” a lot but trust me, I will be knowing.
  18. A Libra either cares too much or doesn’t care at all.
  19. A Libra is skilled enough to be one step ahead. But make you believe they are one step behind.
  20. Libra is smarter and stronger than they appear. More tolerant than given credit for and wiser than their year.
  21. Libras know immediately when someone has foul intent or is using them. But may wait to see how far they go.
  22. You cannot stop a Libra from loving you.
  23. The few Loyals souls left in the generation are Libra’s.
  24. When a Libra strikes. There’s no such thing as calming down.
  25. As a Libra, you are always accommodating to other people’s needs, but when it comes to your nobody is around.
  26. Break my bed, not my heart. Lemme be very clear.
  27. Libra: I miss you. Never mind that was just a moment of weakness.
  28. Libra is worthy of all that they desire.
  29. You never know what’s exactly in Libra’s mind.
  30. Libra may seem detached but they care the most. They pretend to not care when the reality is just the opposite.

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30 Libra Quotes About Balance

  1. Dear Libra, love yourself as much as you want to be loved. You owe it to yourself.
  2. Libra liked to leave messages saying “I love you” in creative ways.
  3. As a Libra, you are usually the calm person in the room. The one who is lovely to look at and amusing to listen to.
  4. We are sorry if we seem cold, distant, and unapproachable. Life experience taught us to be this way.
  5. When you leave a Libra on reading. Be prepared to be ignored for life.
  6. If you play the ignore game, remember Libras own that game.
  7. Libra can become the quietest person to ever exist this day, and the next the loudest you’ve ever seen.
  8. Libra keeps their heels, head, and standard high but their middle finger higher.
  9. Libras have the gift of making others feel important.
  10. When a Libra is treated wrongly. Expect them to be surprised, baffled, and then furious.
  11. Sex with a Libra will leave you wanting more.
  12. Beware of the sudden Libra mood swings. Yes, they do come out of nowhere sometimes.
  13. Libras don’t always share or reveal their feelings, especially when it is bound to create arguments.
  14. We will only change for two reasons: Either we learn enough that we want to or we’ve been hurt enough that we have to.
  15. Dear Libra, a wrong partner will find your peace and, leave you in pieces.
  16. The right partner will find you in pieces and lead you to peace.
  17. Nobody is gonna marry you with that attitude. Libra: “I don’t care”
  18. Libra: Apology accepted. trust denied. Time to move on.
  19. No matter how often the Libra says they don’t care, deep down, on some level, the Libra always gives shit.
  20. Libras have a heart of beauty. They’ll see something special in you when others see nothing.
  21. Libra often attracts attention even without trying.
  22. A Libra doesn’t need anybody who doesn’t need them.
  23. Libras are masters of charm and can brighten the mood with a snap of the fingers.
  24. We’re in a rush to be patient. We drive fast in the slow lane. We put on glasses to see what we’re saying.
  25. Libra’s loves shopping more than any other sign.
  26. Shopping is our lifestyle. It’s our favorite pastime.
  27. We don’t cheat for sex. We cheat for lack of attention and championship.
  28. Libra: We have to stop holding onto people just because we have a history together.
  29. A Libra can be lazy yet a perfectionist at the same time and it’s still a mystery how we manage that.
  30. Libras are great at appearing to be fine. When really, they just want to break down.

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30 Libra Quotes for Women

  1. Never underestimate us. We know more than we say, think more than we speak, and notice more than we realize.
  2. We don’t adapt to the energy in the room. We influence the energy in the room.
  3. A Libra tries to be the bigger person in the situation, but when they snap at you, it’s like watching Godzilla.
  4. Libra claims to be social but would rather stay to themselves.
  5. We are so connected to a higher calling that it scares us sometimes. We see things people can’t see.
  6. Don’t play petty games with a Libra. They will quietly push you to the side and move on with their lives.
  7. Sometimes Libras want others to feel happy so bad they forget to make themselves happy.
  8. No one understands Libra because they don’t want anyone in their head.
  9. Despite a Libra’s beauty and grace, their heart can easily turn to ice.
  10. Don’t worry when Libras argues with you. Worry when they stop because that means there’s nothing left to fight for.
  11. Libra needs a mate who has just enough in common with just enough that’s different.
  12. Dear Libra, stop trying so hard for people who do not try for you.
  13. It’s hard to make a Libra smile because they know what they’re worth and know that they can have anyone they want.
  14. We will never be with you because of what you have. We come correct on our own. We are with you because of who you are.
  15. Libras find it difficult to let go of things that are wrong or unfair.
  16. The best feeling in the world for us is proving someone wrong.
  17. Libras know more than they’ll ever let you know.
  18. Libras often have to prove that they are more than just pretty faces.
  19. We love seeing the shock on people’s faces when we let them know.
  20. Libras are highly private people and they can easily become touchy and irritable.
  21. You gotta catch me while I care. Once I stop caring I’m a whole different person, I promise you.
  22. I’m an odd combination of “really sweet” and “don’t mess with me”.
  23. Libras are great cooks.
  24. Libras live in organized chaos.
  25. Libra doesn’t stay the same. They get better.
  26. Every Libra out there. Of course, I understand your point of view, but I’m still right.
  27. Libras are known to have extravagant tastes in everything.
  28. Libras may be keeping straight face. But they’ve internally rolled their eyes a million times.
  29. Libra’s most popular phrase. “Give me time to think”.
  30. A Libra will always keep you satisfied sexually. You’ll never have to ask more.

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20 Amazing Libra Quotes

  1. You will never feel stressed out around a Libra.
  2. Libras like to create positive vibes and quickly get rid of any negativity.
  3. We might get emotionally detached sometimes but we love you more than you think.
  4. We have our moments where it seems like everything and everyone is annoying.
  5. We’re still full of love. We just can’t give it out how we used to.
  6. Love has hurt us so bad that we can’t feel real love.
  7. A Libra can’t deal with being in a relationship with someone when that person is constantly letting them down.
  8. I don’t have a “type”. If I like you, I like you.
  9. Libras be like: “I totally understand your point. However, I’m right”.
  10. I surrender all my worries and feel an energy of clarity around me.
  11. Stop romanticizing the people who hurt you. Not your job to heal or fix them. Fix yourself first.
  12. Libras are very passionate. They can love with passion and they can hate with passion.
  13. Libra put effort to make relationships last forever.
  14. A Libra is someone with swag. They know the exact words to make you melt.
  15. A Libra may go overboard in trying to communicate their thoughts and feelings.
  16. A Libra can’t move on until they resolve an issue, no matter how big or small it is.
  17. Libras are naturally polite people until you say something to make them just snap.
  18. When a Libra’s friendly nature is misinterpreted as weak, it can quickly turn into a ticking time bomb.
  19. We are bossy and headstrong. While still being caring and good listeners.
  20. Libras: There’s something about the rain that puts us in the mood.

So, these were all 200 Libra quotes to mark the importance and capabilities of such an awesome star sign. All the Libras out there must feel delighted and enhance their day with the help of these amazing Libra quotes. It’s all right if you go through something, it’ll pass, nothing in this world is permanent not even the pain and sorrows. Just cheer up with the help of these astonishing Libra quotes.


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