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37 Most Memorable Lines For Best Friend, Quotes, Messages

A best friend is the one who cares for you like a child and listens to your heart without listening to a single word from you. Such friends are your life and you should appreciate him/her with some lines for best friend. All you need to share these lines for best friend to appreciate his/her presence in your life.

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Lines for Best Friend

1. Best Friend doesn’t need to promise each other to be there for one another! They just simply be there for one another when they need each other the most!

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2. Why we need best friends. Because they laugh at the same stupid things we do. Because they give us honest advice. Because they will be there for us, even if they’re thousands of miles away. Because they celebrate with us when we’re at our best, but still love us at our worst.

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3. Dear Best Friend, You stayed with me in my bed times, you stayed with me in my crazy mood swings you have seen my best as well as my worst and now I just want you to never leave me, because you are my strength.

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4. Dear Best Friend, I want our relationship like Tom & Jerry. They tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but can’t live without each other.

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5. Dear Best Friend, you are the reason I believe that friendship is real. Nobody makes me feel special the way you make me feel. Trust me, you are just perfect for me.

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6. Dear Best Friend, I’m sorry if somebody I become rude to you due to my own issues, but it’s because you’re closest to me. So promise me that you’re not going to leave because of that phase of life. The one who needs you till the end.

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7. “Call me whenever you need me”, said by so many people. But only my Best Friend is there whenever I actually need someone.

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8. Dear Best Friend, Things don’t always stay the same. We move to new places, new people, and new priorities in life. But I want us to stay the same. We have shared our deepest emotions with each other. We have been others come and go. So it would be such a shame if even we grow apart with time. We must stay an exception. We must die as best friends.

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9. Dear Best Friend, you are someone who makes me laugh till my stomach hurts. You are someone who made me believe that there still exist good in the world. You are someone who changed my life just by being a part of it. You are someone whom I can trust and someone who is always there for me. Having you in my life means a lot.

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10. I behave crazy, talk abnormally, vent out my real side. You know when? At the time of the conference call with my best shits. My best friends.

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11. A friend will cheer you up when you feel down. A good friend will cry with you when you’re sad. Best friend will push you off a cliff, laugh like a maniac before rushing down to catch you.

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12. You met someone very unexpectedly and now they have turned out to be the most important person in your life. Isn’t it?

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13. Dear Best Friend, If you keep ignoring me, I’m gonna kidnap you. So kindly make time for me from your busy schedule. Yours, Bestie.

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14. Dear Bestie, somewhere between fighting with me and fighting me. You made me realise how much I mean to you.

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15. Dear Best Friend, Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on, for being the home I craved for, and giving me the smile that I have once lost.

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16. Yes, we are best friends. We love each other more than lovers do and we fight with each other more than enemies do.

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17. Sometimes fighting with your best friend over small things is cute. And making them smile just after that is even more cute.

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18. One special person, One long call, and all my sadness turns into happiness. That’s why I call my best friend a magician.

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19. I was looking for someone to love me, support me, and make me happy. And the one day, and idiot entered into my life. A full package of everything in itself…My Best Friend.

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20. People fall in love. I fall in friendship. People focus on relationship goals. I focus on friendship goals. Yes, without friends there is no life.

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21. We all have someone for whom our heart will never lose feelings ever, and no matter what happens we always want them to be with us.

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22. Dear Best Friend, If you see this, I miss you. You are my favorite and I can’t wait to be with you again. I love you stupid.

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23. Dear Best Friend, Promise me that we are going to spend our life full of shit completely.

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24. Dear Best Friend, I would leave all the pleasures of heaven to accompany you in hell…

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25. Finding a friend is never a coincidence in our lives. They were meant to come into our life to bring lots of priceless moments and unforgettable memories. And once we know them, the bond is created which we just can’t let them go.

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26. I know I’m not the best but I’m going to fight my whole life trying to treat you better than anyone else because I don’t want to lose you.

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27. Best Friends are personal therapists who are get paid in alcohol.

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28. The best friend is the person who never forget to love you however, If you forget to love yourself.

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29. Dear Best Friend whenever people show their true colours. I always look back at you and thank God for giving me you. You are the shadow that has never left me. Stay the same, please.

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30. It’s almost impossible to imagine your life, “Without a best friend.” A best friend is not just a person, But your personal dairy, all-time advisory, a living cartoon character. So, by chance, if you two ever fight, say whatever is going inside you at his/her face. Remind your best friend, how lucky he/she is to have you.

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31. Dear close person, don’t call me your best friend if you were not close enough to witness my suffering and to comfort me when I needed the most!


32. The greatest gift of life is friendship. And I’ve already received that.


33. Dear Bestie, you are very very very special for me. Do you know why? Because you always says, “Don’t worry, I’m right here for you”, instead of that boring “I love you alot”.

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34. From, should I trust him? To, He’s the only one I completely trust, I got my best friend.

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35. If your best friend is not jealous of all your other friends, do you real have a best friend?


36. True friends are those who cares without hesitation, remember without limitations, forgive without any explanation, and love without even little communication…

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37. Theories. Dreams. Goals. Magic.
I love talking about these types of things. Please, for the sake of my spirit, let’s skip the surface level conversations where we talk about the weather because it’s something we both experience so it feels like safe conversational territory. Puke.
Make me question the constructs of society. Make me look for truth within myself while you do the same. Help me learn, help me grow… that’s what human interactions have the potential for!
Let’s laugh at how ridiculously amazing it feels like to be a human…and ow tough it can be sometimes.
I’m here for the depth, meet me there.

All the lines for best friend are well curated content and it is recommended to share these best lines for best friend to your best friend. I hope you get one best line from 37 lines for best friend. Share these best lines for best friend to them and show your love to them.


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