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100+ Best Royal Enfield Quotes for All Bullet Lovers

Royal Enfield is not just a motorcycle, it’s an emotion for some men. It is their reason to live and breathe. This motorcycle motivates and inspires them. Owning an Enfield is something that is appreciated by our friends and family.

The bullet is a dream for most youngsters. Not only for men and boys, but the bullet is also a dream for women and girls. So, here are 100+ Royal Enfield Quotes to inspire you and motivate you to get yourself one Enfield too. And if you already have one, you are Royal.

20 Best Royal Enfield Quotes, Captions, and Images

man sitting on royal enfield bike

1. When in doubt. Dug- Dug is out.

royal enfield bike and quote

2. My bullet is a babe. My bullet is a drug. My bullet in my life.

man and royal enfield quote

3. Always with you, till the end of the road and beyond.

royal enfield captions

4. The attitude you got after sitting on Enfield makes you royal.

caption for royal enfield

5. The bullet doesn’t need a horn it’s Dugg-Dugg is enough.

royal enfield captions

6. Girls don’t marry boys who have royal Enfield because boys love their bikes more than them.

man sitting on royal enfield enjoying view

7. Royal Enfield is not about speed, it’s all about the ride.

painted wall with a caption on royal enfield

8. When your Enfield gets dirty, you are on the right path.

royal enfield bike lover

9. I was born in a middle-class family but my Enfield made me Royal.

royal enfield bike quotes

10. As the manufacturer says, it was made like a gun.

royal enfield bike quotes

11. In a forest full of superbikes. Enfields are the mighty elephants.

bullet quotes

12. Only Royal people ride Enfield.

status about royal enfield

13. Don’t marry a guy who has Royal Enfield.

royal enfield quote

14. Boys ride toys, and men ride Royal Enfield.

status about royal enfield

15. Royal men ride Royal Wheels.

royal enfield quote

16. It’s the only machine that remains young forever.

royal enfield quotes

17. Attitude initiates with a hard kick.

royal enfield cpations

18. Some call it bike. I call it the love of my life.

royal enfield quote

19. Treat your Enfield like a queen and she will take its own responsibilities.

royal enfield quotes

20. The Dug-Dug sounds way better than the blown whistle sound of your sports bike.

20 Royal Enfield Captions

21. Your attitude determines your direction.

22. As the creator says: It’s made like a gun.

23. In a world full of trends I’ll remain a classic.

24. Work hard in silence and let your Bullet make noise.

25. Oh boy, first grow up to handle this big monster.

26. For some there’s therapy and for the rest of us, there are motorcycles.

27. Made like a gun, goes like a bullet.

28. This heavy metal machine deserves a salute.

29. No matter how dark the path, I shall be your light for eternity.

30. Not only boys, but Royal Enfield is a crush of many girls too.

31. Some of the best friends are made on Royal Enfield.

32. Bullet Lover.

33. You don’t stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding.

34. The rider isn’t a tag, it’s a lifestyle.

35. Some call it an adventure. I call it my way of life.

36. This heavy metal machine is damn better than your plastic shit.

37. Royal Enfield. I guess the name is enough.

38. No road is too long when you have good company.

39. Look like a beauty. Ride like a beast.

40. It’s made like a gun and it rides like a bullet.

20 Caption For Royal Enfield

41. Nothing’s compared to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

42. Some motorcycles refuge to age.

43. Underestimate no one, especially yourself and your bike.

44. You just can’t ignore a Royal Enfield.

45. When stressed out, take your Royal Enfield for a ride.

46. I don’t know about others but real men ride bullets.

47. Royal Enfield blood is rare and unique.

48. There’s only one thing bigger than the bullet. The pride of owning one.

49. No plans. No maps. No GPS. No rules.

50. Just ride.

51. Four wheels ride the body. Two wheels move the soul.

52. Just take it out and wander.

53. Bullet: A soulmate.

54. Have you heard of Poison Milkweed, No Need, I Drive Bullet Royal Enfield With Speed.

55. I don’t take drugs. My bullet is enough for me.

56. Nothing sounds better than my Enfield.

57. Enfield is more loyal than any girl.

58. You don’t need maps when you have a Royal Enfield.

59. Wind therapy. Keeps me going.

60. Always Stop When Sees Blood, I Am Soft Hearted Bullet Stud.

20 Bullet Quotes

61. It’s a classic thing.

62. Everyone gives way for a bullet.

63. May away, Royal Enfield is on its way.

64. No matter how bad your day is, your bike will always make it better.

65. I love the dug-dug sound it makes.

66. If you never ride a bullet you’ll never be Royal.

67. If you have Royal Enfield then you don’t need a girlfriend.

68. Boys ride motorcycles, and men ride Royal Enfield.

69. Never ask a man his wage, to the woman her age, and bullet its mileage.

70. For some there’s therapy and for some, there’s Royal Enfield.

71. They say it’s made like a gun, the fact is that it goes like a bullet without speed.

72. My girlfriend told me to settle on her or my bullet. I miss her sometimes.

73. Every girl has a dream of riding a Royal Enfield once in her lifetime.

74. Girlfriend must be hot. The beer must be chilled and the bike must be Royal Enfield.

75. If you can’t feel the Dug-Dug of Royal Enfield then you should never own it.

76. I don’t know what to get for my Royal Enfield on Valentine’s Day.

77. When the thump becomes the heartbeat, only then do you know what is it like to ride a bullet.

78. Only those who can understand the price of the bullet, such people never understand the price of petrol.

79. Traveling in a car is like watching a movie but riding a bullet is like starring in it.

80. Even after you own a Royal Enfield, the next bike you wanna own is another Royal Enfield.

20 Bullet Captions

81. Only two types of souls exist in this world. One: Who owns Royal Enfield? Two: I don’t know.

82. There are two types of people in the world. The ones who ride a bullet and the others who think of rising a bullet.

83. No matter how many models of plastic are launched every year. No one can match the vintage Royal Enfield.

84. You can never match the prestige of Royal Enfield.

85. My kind of music: Dug-Dug.

86. Don’t be jealous. Save money to buy yours.

87. Don’t just own a ride, deserve it.

88. It’s not just the engine. It’s the heart of the rider.

89. Enfield doesn’t leak oil, it marks its territory.

90. A bike on the road is worth two in the sheds.

91. Every Dug-Dug of my bullet makes me Royal.

92. Have you ever seen someone sad on Royal Enfield?

93. Work extremely hard in silence. Let your bullet make the noise of your success.

94. Four wheels ride the matter, two wheels move the soul.

95. The bullet never needs a horn, its Dug-Dug is enough.

96. If you are not really a bullet love. We are not interested.

97. The next best thing between a man’s leg: Royal Enfield.

98. Only Royal people ride it, that is why it’s known as Royal Enfield.

99. Bullets are made of metals, the rest are useless plastic.

100. In the forest full of superbikes, Enfield is the mighty lion.

101. I don’t drink and take drugs cause my bullet is enough for me.

102. Royal Enfield is a crush on some girls too.

103. There’s only one thing bigger than the Royal Enfield. The guts to have it.

104. I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride bikes to add life to my days.

105. You can’t buy happiness but owning a Royal Enfield is the same thing.

So these were all 100+ Royal Enfield quotes to make you want this amazing and ravaging monster. It’s one of the finest and most appreciated motorcycles in history and is still the first choice for Royal.


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