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60 Life-changing Sadhguru Quotes to Discover Yourself

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Sadhguru quotes that encourage optimism, well-being, and a healthy work-life balance can directly affect output. Sadhguru has provided advice on how to combat depression and foster inner tranquility and well-being. Sadhguru’s remarks on the value of relationships, inner serenity, and…

36 Legendary Muniba Mazari Quotes for Motivation

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Before I start with muniba mazari quotes, let’s start with who is muniba mazari and what makes her popular. In December 2015, Muniba Mazari, 28, was named by UN Women as Pakistan’s first National Ambassador during a ceremony in Islamabad…

95+ Zen Quotes on Life, Love, Death, and Happiness

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Zen is a school of thought that originated in China’s Mahayana Buddhist tradition, which also teaches Taoist philosophy and Chinese spirituality. To achieve inner serenity, Zen places a strong emphasis on self-awareness, restraint, and regular meditation practice. In this collection,…

50 Best Chanakya Quotes, Thoughts, and Ideas with Images

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Chanakya was an influential Brahmin philosopher, teacher, economist, and political adviser in ancient India. He is credited with authoring the Arthashastra, a treatise on politics and economics that was used to effectively guide the Mauryan Empire. He is also credited…