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50+ Inspiring Democracy Day Quotes, Wishes and More

Democracy is a form of government in which the people elect their leaders and make decisions on how their country is administered. It is founded on the tenets of equality, liberty, and justice.

Every year on September 15th, the world commemorates and celebrates International Day of Democracy to recognize and celebrate the style of an administration whose sole consideration is on its people. The day is widely observed around the world in order to assess the state of democracy around the world.

50 International Democracy Day Theme 2023

“Empowering the Next Generation” is the theme of the International Democracy Day 2023. The topic wishes to convey the significance of youth in improving the concept of democracy and promoting it by the demands and requirements of future generations, while also ensuring that their opinions are heard in decisions that can bring about a positive change in the world.

20 Top Democracy Day Quotes and Messages

1. “Democracy demonstrates its capacity to transform governments yet in recovering a race of men, which is the best gift of free governments.”

Top Democracy Day Quotes and Messages

2. “The right to speak freely is a human right and the establishment after that democracy is constructed. Any confinement of the right to speak freely is a limitation upon democracy.”

3. “Democracy is a gadget that guarantees we will be represented not superior to anything we merit.”

4. “Democracy is a type of government that substitutes race by the awkward numerous for arrangement by the degenerate few.”

5. “There can be no democracy without truth. There can be no fact without discussion, there can be no change without opportunity. Without opportunity, there can be no advancement.”

6. “Democracy substitutes decisions by the inept numerous for arrangements by the degenerate few.”

7. “Decisions help us not exclusively to remember the rights but the duties of citizenship in a democracy.”

8. “Democracy urges the dominant part to choose things about which the lion’s share is unmindful.”

Images of Democracy Day Quotes and Messages

9. “Democracy is the hypothesis that ordinary citizens recognize what they need and have the right to get it great and hard.”

10. “Democracy is the most noticeably bad type of government aside from each of those different structures that have been attempted every once in a while.”

11. “A legislature of the general population, by the general population, and for the general population will not die from the earth.”

12. “Democracy is the point at which the poverty-stricken, and not the men of property, are the rulers.”

13. “Genuine freedom is neither found in oppression nor the limits of democracy, yet in moderate governments.”

14. “Democracy is where you can say what you think regardless of whether you don’t think.”

15. “The world must be made safe for democracy. Its tranquillity must be planted upon the tried establishments of political freedom.”

Top Democracy Day Quotes and Messages

16.”Democracy is a form of governance in which the whole community or all eligible citizens of a state are represented by elected officials.”

17. “The real authorities of our republic are the citizens of this nation, not the president, senators, congressmen, or government employees.”

18.”Democracy is the most common type of governance, but it is also the most difficult since there are so many factors at play.”

19. “-Democracy is the type of life a respectable man leads, and it’s something to strive for both in life and death.”

20. “-In a democracy, the citizen not only wields the greatest power but also has the most responsibility.”

20 Quotes on Democracy Day 2023

21. “Democracy is not just about voting, it’s about ensuring that people’s votes are heard.” – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

22. “Democracy means tolerance. Tolerance not merely of those who agree with us but of those who do not agree with us.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Quotes on Democracy Day 2023

23. “The only way to practice democracy, is to practice democracy.”- Hu Shih.

24. “Democracy necessarily means a conflict of will and ideas, involving sometimes a war of the knife between different ideas. ” – Mahatma Gandhi

25. “The power to question is the basis of all human progress. ” – Indira Gandhi

26. “Democracy is messy, and it’s hard. It’s never easy.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

27. “If there were a nation of Gods, it would govern itself democratically. A government so perfect is not suited to men.”- Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

28. “The price of democracy is the ongoing pursuit of the common good by all of the people.” – Saul Alinsky.

29. “Democracy is not the law of the majority but protection of the minority.” – Albert Camus.

Quotes on Democracy Day 2023

30. “A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. ” – Benjamin Franklin

31. “Democracy is not a static thing. It does not stand still.” – Vincent Harding.

32. “Democracy is the destiny of humanity, freedom is its indestructible arm. “- Benito Juarez

33. “The democratic tradition does not advance a single and agreed ideal of popular rule, but is rather an arena of debate in which the notion of popular rule is discussed.”- Andrew

34. “Democracy’s worst fault is that its leaders are likely to reflect the faults and virtues of their constituents.” – Robert A. Heinlein 

35. “I believe that democracy is the best guarantor of peace and cooperation among nations. ” – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

36. “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Quotes on Democracy Day 2023

37. “Democracy is the government of people, by the people, and for the people.” – Abraham Lincoln

38. “Democracy is necessary to peace and to undermining forces of terrorism.” – Benazir Bhutto

39. “Democracy is not the law of the majority but protection of the minority.” – Albert Camus.

40. “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep casting a ballot on what to have for lunch. Freedom is an all-around furnished sheep challenging the vote!”

10 International Democracy Day Wishes

41. “The International Day of Democracy allows people all around the world to reflect on and assess the condition of democracy in their own countries.”

42. “Let us use democracy to make the world a better place. Warm wishes on Democracy Day.”

43. “When a nation’s citizens are happy, the country will flourish to the fullest. Happy Democracy Day.”

International Democracy Day Wishes

44. “The country should be governed by the individuals who live in it. Happy Democracy Day.”

45. “On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, we must raise awareness of the advancement and happiness that this type of governance gives.”

46. “When a country and its citizens are governed under a democratic system, they are the happiest. I would like to wish you a very happy International Democracy Day.”

47. “Democracy is always victorious in the end. Warm wishes on Democracy Day.”

48. “Democracy is characterized as a belief in individual liberty and equality or a political system founded on this idea, in which control is held by elected officials.”

49. “Democracy is a collection of ideas rather than a type of governance. Warm wishes on Democracy Day.”

50. “The only program or initiative of embodies the humanist assumption of balance or harmony is democracy. Happy Democracy Day. ”

51. “Wishing everyone a happy International Day of Democracy! May we always uphold the principles of democracy and work towards a more just and equitable world.”

International Democracy Day Wishes

52. “On International Day of Democracy, let’s celebrate the power of people coming together to shape their own future. May democracy continue to flourish worldwide!”

53. “Happy International Day of Democracy! Let us all work together to strengthen democracy and build a better world for all.”

54. “Democracy is not perfect, but it is the best system of government we have. Let us work together to make it even better.”

To Conclude

We should recognise the importance of democracy and spread the word so that everyone is treated equally and their rights are acknowledged. Share these Democracy Day wishes, quotes and messages among your teachers, and students. They can be helpful in knowing the importance of Democracy in society.

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