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15 Best Motivational Quotes by Neeraj Chopra

Quotes by Neeraj Chopra: He is an Indian track and field athlete, in javelin throw, is the current Olympic, World, and Diamond League champion. He won an Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020, becoming the first and only track and field athlete from his nation to do so.

He became India’s first-ever world champion in athletics category to win the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships 2023 in Budapest in his field.

15 Neeraj Chopra Quotes

Below are Quotes by Neeraj Chopra, he is a superb illustration of commitment, perseverance, and hard effort in life.

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10 Quotes by Neeraj Chopra

1. “Javelin is my identity and I am incomplete without it, but I know I have to be patient.” – Neeraj Chopra

Quotes by Neeraj Chopra

2. “Always believe, Success will not come in one day, but will definitely come one day.” – Neeraj Chopra

3. “When the desire for success does not let you sleep when there is nothing better than hard work when you do not get tired after working continuously, understand that you are going to create a new history of success.” – Neeraj Chopra

4. “My life became occupied with only a couple of things: go to the stadium and practice, come back home, eat, then go back to training.” – Neeraj Chopra

5. “I try to keep things as simple as possible: my job as a javelin thrower is to stay in good shape and do my best at each competition.” – Neeraj Chopra

6. “People keep telling me that the person who wins an Olympic medal will probably become the God of athletics.” – Neeraj Chopra

Quotes by Neeraj Chopra

7. “It feels unbelievable, this is our first Olympic medal for a very long time, and in athletics, it is the first time we have gold, so it’s a proud moment for me and my country.” – Neeraj Chopra

8. “I see so much potential for Indians with the javelin. More and more, they’ll see what we’re achieving and be inspired to pick up a javelin themselves.” – Neeraj Chopra

9. “In the village where I grew up, no one did athletics. For a lot of my life, I didn’t even know what a javelin was.” – Neeraj Chopra

10. “I just want to say, no matter who the opposition is, give your best. That is all you need to do and this is what this gold medal stands for. Never fear the opposition.” – Neeraj Chopra

5 Neeraj Chopra Quotes

11. “Training makes me happy.” – Neeraj Chopra

12. “The biggest learning is that an athlete needs to know when to stop. To know that if I push beyond this, there could be a problem.” — Neeraj Chopra

Quotes by Neeraj Chopra

13. “Can’t become better than my father, but surely can get inspired by him.” – Neeraj Chopra

14. “The competition was very tough at the Olympics. After qualification, I realized this is the best opportunity of my life and I’ll not lose it.”- Neeraj Chopra

15. “I don’t get nervous due to high expectations, I made a comeback with a good throw after a long injury and my training is also going fine. So, let’s see how I perform in the upcoming tournaments. I am not nervous, I am totally motivated.” —Neeraj Chopra

Last words

He recently after winning the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships, Neeraj Chopra placed second in the Zurich Diamond League behind Jakub Vadlejch of the Czech Republic with a best attempt of 85.71 metres.

A person can rise to greater heights in life with the help of these characteristics and discipline.

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